Purpose-Built Banking For HOAs

The first purpose-built  financial tool for HOAs, board members, and homeowners.


Modern Banking For Homeowner Associations

FDIC-insured bank accounts
Open Operating and Reserve bank accounts in one place to easily manage & monitor your HOA balances.
Earn Up To 2.10% APY* on HOA Reserve Funds
Don't let your reserve funds go to waste. Earn up to 2.10% APY today.
HOA Compliance & Expense Approvals
Board Approvals for expenses and custom financial controls prevent embezzlement and fraud.
Collect HOA Dues With Autopay
Automatically collect HOA dues each month online via ACH.
Apply For Loans for Major HOA Repairs
Special assessments are hard on everyone. Get access to HOA loans to pay for major repairs over time. Coming soon.
Debit Cards With Spending Limits
Issue debit cards to authorized members to make managing your HOA easier. Coming soon.
Expense Management

Expense Management,
Tailor-Made for HOAs.

Invoice Processing

Create expenses in Assembly, attach invoices, and submit for approvals.

Board Approvals for Expenses

Quickly approve expenses with Assembly.

Automatic Vendor Payments

Assembly automatically pays approved expenses to vendors via ACH.

Put your money to work.

By moving your money to Assembly, your money will automatically earn 2.10% APY*. Don't let your money sit idle.


Compliance Built-in

Assembly is built with HOA compliance in mind so you don't have to worry about it. We handle financial reporting required by law and enable one-click delinquency collection.

One-click Delinquency Collection
Automatically send delinquency units to collections with all the required data, if approved by the Board.
One-click to send to our certified collections partners.
Financial Reporting:
Automatically generate real-time compliant reports that are required by law.
Leave the regulations to us.
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Homeowner Transparency.

All homeowners can get access to the same real-time financial reports that board members get access to. The way it should be.

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